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Need some easy technology tools that you and your students can use?


Any subject, any grade level, you will find free web tools that adapt to your lessons.



Have your students create a product using....



Wordle Logo


Wordle Tutorial



 Museum Box Tutorial



 Storybird Tutorial



Blabberize Tutorial



Sliderocket Tutorial




Tagul Tutorial


Everyday tools for your classroom that are engaging...... 



Jing Tutorial


 Professor Garfield Tutorial 



Create QR Code Tutorial 



 Cacoo Tutorial


Edmodo Tutorial 


Quizlet Tutorial


Diigo Tutorial


Kidblog Tutorial









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Copyright Info


Creative Commons


Internet Safety and Search Tools


Graphic Organizers


Word Cloud Generators


Survey Creation


Collaboration websites


Photo Editing and Sharing Tools


File Conversion


Graphic Organizers


Sound Effects


Social Bookmarking


Video and Tutorial Creation




Vocabulary Development


Music Sources


Wiki Creation


Video Editing and Sharing Tools




Presentation Tools 


Graphics Sources


Blog Creation


Student Response Tools


Video Conferencing


File Storage and Sharing 



Poster and Diorama Creation


QR Code Tools




Storyboard Tools 



Technology Applications 


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


To be implemented by school districts at the beginning of the 2012 - 2013 School Year.



Elementary Grades K - 2


Elementary Grades 3 - 5


Middle School Grade 6


Middle School Grade 7


Middle School Grade 8





Technology Applications For Teachers


Responsibilities for all certification levels. 

(Texas Education Agency)





Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 19, Part II
Chapter 126. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Technology Applications







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